Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Constituted by Sankalchand Patel University,Visnagar


Elements of Electrical Laboratory:

This laboratory is facilitated with various basic experimental set-ups using analog and digital meters with various trainer kits for verification of basic electrical engineering laws and theorems.

Electrical Machines Laboratory:

The department has well equipped rich, spacious machine laboratory, which is facilitated by all kinds of electrical machines like AC/DC generators, AC/DC    motors, synchronous machines, various transformers & well designed electrical panels for each machine.

Electrical Power System Laboratory:

This laboratory includes well designed panels on modern transmission line simulation models, various switchgear, relay testing panel & advance programmable microprocessor based relays. The major power system protection panels include feeder protection, biased differential protection of transformers, induction motor protection.

High Voltage Laboratory:

This laboratory includes HVAC and HVDC test kit & 100KV Impulse generator with the measuring apparatus like Sphere Gap assembly, Resistance divider, Capacitance divider & Rod gap assembly. It also contains set-ups like, High voltage insulation tester, Oil test kit, Horn gap apparatus, Corona cage, and electrolytic tank & Electro static precipitator test kit.

Power & Applied Electronics Laboratory:

This laboratory is equipped with various power electronics components, modern digital storage oscilloscope, analog oscilloscope. Function generators and experimental kits/set-ups of UJT relaxation oscillator, 1-phase & 3-phase controlled rectifiers, Various SCR commutation methods trainer kits, Choppers, TRIAC firing circuits, Inverters and A.C./D.C. Drives etc.

Linear Electronics & Integrated Electronics Laboratory:

The laboratory is enriched with digital storage oscilloscope, analog oscilloscopes, operational amplifier design kits, function generator, regulated power supply & various electronic experimental kits.

Network & Measurement Laboratory:

This laboratory is equipped with various trainer kits for verification of network laws and theorems. It also includes various kits for AC/DC bridges, standard cell, Potentiometers, dual trace oscilloscopes, function generator & various other measuring devices.

Control and Instrumentation Laboratory:

This Laboratory is equipped with various modern control systems trainer boards. It also includes various electrical and electronics instruments like PLC trainer, real time PID controller, power analyzer, various transducers and instrument trainers etc.

Computer, Microprocessor & Project Laboratory:

This laboratory is equipped with one advanced server, 24 numbers of Desktop computers with Windows XP as operating system & connected in network using domain controller. This laboratory is enriched with most of the license software, applications packages, 8085 and 8086 Microprocessor Kits, their peripheral interfacing cards, PC based assemblers, various PC based interfacing cards using RS – 232, RS – 485, PCI protocols and real time analog and digital signals, Digital CROs, Universal Programmer, Ultra Violate Eraser DLP projector.

P.G. Computer Laboratory:

This Laboratory is equipped with various software & latest configured computers. It includes simulation software like. MI Power, PSIM, MATLAB & PSCAD.