Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Constituted by Sankalchand Patel University,Visnagar


VLSI Laboratory/ DSP Laboratory:

VLSI laboratory aims at providing platform to students for the area of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) design. The laboratory is fully facilitated with 30 computers and software packages of ALTERA's and Xilinx required for the VLSI design. It has hardware kits including a Universal trainer Kit, CPLD and FPGA trainer kits for testing of designed VLSI system. Various experiments of SDT (Simulation & Design Tools) are also performed using the Multisim 7 Software. This software can be used by student to design as well as debug any electronics circuit.

CAD Laboratory:

Experiments based on simulations are performed in this laboratory. The laboratory is full fledged with 30 computers and software packages of Matlab for the DSP experiments. DSP Starter Kit (TMS 320C6713 DSK), UV EPROM Eraser are available in the laboratory. Various experiments of Digital Communication are performed using the Matlab software. Control system experiments are also performed using Matlab software. Hardware kits for control theory are also available.

Embedded Laboratory:

The purpose of laboratory is to provide hardware and software exercise in the field of micro-processor and microcontroller. Laboratory has 8085 and 8086 training kits as well as 8051/89C51 micro-controller training kits. The laboratory is full fledged with 30 computers and software packages like SPJ cross-compiler, built-in EPROM programmer software, 8085 simulator, Code Composer Studio (CCS 3.1) etc. Masm software for 8086 programming is also available. Various ARM Processor Kits (ARM 7, ARM 9 etc.) for subject, Embedded Systems,are also available in the laboratory.

Power Electronics Laboratory:

The laboratory consists of adequate number of power electronics trainer kits and also latest software package like PSIM. The various kits are developed by the department such as SCR Characteristics, Self Commutation, Complementary Commutation, Mode identification of TRIAC etc. The students can simulate the circuits on the software and implement them on bread-board trainer kits. Hardware kits for Electronics Measurement & Instrumentation such as various bridges, transducers, strain gauge etc are available. Various theorems of circuit networks are performed on hand made various kits developed by the department.

Communication Laboratory:

The Communication Lab has been set up to perform various experiments related to communication subjects such as fiber optics, analog and digital communication. It has the necessary trainer kits such AM, FM, PCM ,DSB-SC, SSB-SC & DM modulation kits, ASK, FSK, PSK, sampling theorem kits, adequate test equipment and breadboard trainer kits to study the concept of advanced communication. Various experiments on theory of Satellite Communication, Wireless Communication & Cellular Communication are performed in this laboratory.

Linear Electronics Laboratory:                                

Experiments based on basic as well as advanced analog electronics are performed in this laboratory. Bread boards are available in this laboratory on which the students can implement & test circuits to study the concept of basic electronics using CRO & Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO). It also has the necessary handmade analog circuit trainer kits. Operational amplifier based circuits can be realized by students on the bread board. The facilities like Power supply, Bread board, DSO etc. are available to students. Op-Amp Designer, MOSFET Characteristics, Miller Sweep Circuit, Wein Bridge Circuit etc are available in the laboratory for the purpose of testing.

Digital Electronics Laboratory:                              

Experiments based on digital electronics are performed in this laboratory. The laboratory has universal digital trainer boards on which various experiments based on digital electronics can be performed. The students can also realize their circuits on the board. Various theorems can also be proved with the help of universal boards.

High Frequency Laboratory:

The laboratory consists of microwave and antenna trainer kits. Microwave parameters such as return loss, frequency, radiation patterns of various antennas such as yagi-uda, folded dipole, loop antenna etc can be observed by students using the antenna trainer kit. Microwave measurements such as return loss, attenuation, frequency are carried out by using the microwave bench to study the concept of various microwave components.

Audio Video Laboratory:

The laboratory consists of Television trainer kit with the help of which students can understand the various experiments. The laboratory also has PA system such as various types of microphone, loudspeaker & power amplifier, Pattern generator etc. Students can also find faults in various sub-sections of color and black-n-white televisions.

Project Laboratory:

The purpose of this laboratory is to provide students a platform for the project work related to IDP (Industry Defined Project). The laboratory facilitates internet to search information related to their problem as well as software for simulation. It has enough hardware kits and testing equipments to carry out UG level research works. All kind of various resources is available to carry out IDPs for final year students.

PG Laboratory:

This laboratory is specially developed for the Post Graduate students. This lab consists of various modern software using which the PG students can do their dissertation work. The lab consists of 25 computers with internet connection.